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My New Years resolution: the banning of the word maybe in my professional life. Who will join me? Yes or no….. Or maybe

We need to talk about ‘maybe’ 


I have been looking into the possibilities of machine learning to increase the accuracy of recommendations on several levels. I ran across this article below. Very interesting read for anyone interested in commercial applications of A.I.

Trough Skytree.com: Read Dr. Gray’s article featured in InfoWorld: “10 Keys to Successful Machine Learning for Developers”.

So Disney has been a home staple brand for decades now. Mickey Mouse and for us Dutchies, Donald Duck, has for decades been a household name to appear on anything from a drinking cup to condoms. The company was started by Walt Disney, a man, who like many innovators in the media industry, is surrounded with rumors. Here’s a video on the origins of Disney and a short foray in the large Disney corporate universe, which is still expanding today.