Kyveli Design: Fine jewelry, made in Greece

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Jewellery, especially made of gold, is one of the oldest luxury items in the world. No wonder that the ancient Greeks were masters in the production of and trade in gold jewelry. Not to mention pearls from Asia and the precious gemstones from all over the world that we incorporate in many pieces

My name is Rutger, and together with Sofia, we are Kyveli Design. A luxury jewel brand with bespoke artisanally produced Greek design jewellery. Every piece in our collection has a limited run, which means the pieces are not unique in itself but are not mass-produced either.

All the pieces are made of 18-carat gold and real diamonds. It is the classic design, the use of the highest quality materials and the exclusive handmade nature that makes it an addition to any iconic collection.

We want to bring Kyveli to online success, taking a different approach as our big competitors such as Zolotas, Bvlgari and Tiffanies. We do that by being transparent in our production and our origins, making a clear choice of design language and making sure we available to connect both online and offline with our target audience: you.

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